Louise Fili Lecture

Louise Fili 2 Louise Fili

(Excuse the poor quality iPhone photos.)

On Monday, February 17th, design legend Louise Fili gave a lecture at the Corcoran. I was one of the lucky hundred or so who registered before it filled up and was absolutely thrilled that I would be able to attend. And Louise Fili did not disappoint! She gave a comprehensive overview of her career and selected works, and it was really interesting to see her development as a designer. She shared some great insights into the industry as a whole, in particular the restaurant industry—which was really interesting to me seeing as that is the industry I currently work with.

A couple of my favorite insights that she shared:

  • “Never depend on one type of client and never wait for the phone to ring.”
  • “Design for yourself in order to find your voice.”
  • Sometimes you have to act like a therapist to convince your client to make a necessary change

There were so many other great insights she shared that I wish I had written down.
Here are a few of her favorite works that I particularly admire:

LouiseFili Louise Fili Louise Fili

It was a pleasure to be able to attend Louise Fili’s lecture; she is such an inspiration!

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