Event | CES 2018

As I said at this time last year, I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve updated! I have a lot of content that I want to start sharing here, and definitely more regularly. First up: the booth I designed for Phone2Action’s presence at the Consumer Electronics Show, also known as CES, presented by the Consumer Technology Association.

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For our booth this year, we had a very large space, and decided to do something a little unusual—the structure itself is actually in a shape of a lightning bolt. This provided additional space for the screens and for lounge space.

The design elements of the booth are fairly simple—colors and design elements from our brand, our vision statement, and a brief explanation that viewers could quickly grasp from afar (“digital grassroots advocacy”).

We also created a large photobooth with a custom graphic frame so that viewers could take a selfie after taking action on a campaign to support innovation.

This was the most nontraditional booth I’ve ever designed, and on the tightest timeline (design turnaround was less than five days)—and everyone was really happy with how it turned out.

Logo | Cat Rescue Photography

A couple months ago I had the great opportunity to work with Marty, who does volunteer photography for a number of cat rescue groups. Thankfully, he had a really great idea of what he wanted, but was also open to other ideas.


I don’t do a ton of illustration (at least not as much as I’d like), so this was an interesting challenge for me.


We ended up going in a slightly different direction than Marty’s original idea, but I’m happy to report that he loved the above version and it became the final logo!

It makes me so happy to see it in practice, with some adorable cats:


Marty said:

“Regina turned my rough ideas and sketches into the perfect logo for watermarking my photography!  She was a pleasure to work with; I could not have asked for a better result.”

Happy clients are my favorite. I love this trend of cat and rescue related projects I’ve been doing and I hope it continues!