Video | Countdown to the Midterms

The 2018 Midterms are less than a month away, and there’s a lot of energy across the country to get out the vote, regardless of which side you’re on. To encourage people to vote and to use the resources we at Phone2Action have created, we ran a campaign which included one of my favorite videos that I’ve produced. Click here to see all the campaign assets.

This video included a lot of iterations, and working with the content and leadership teams to make sure we were creating something of value. People already know that elections are coming up, but what can we tell them in less than a minute that will make a real difference? I think we were able to put a lot of value into this listicle style video.

The video also showcases, one of my larger projects this year. Read more about it here.

Inspiration | Good Articles (10.12.18)

I’ve found some particularly good articles on design and creativity this week that I figured I would round up and share.

  • The New York Times: This is 18
    This scrapbook style feature on girls around the world turning 18 in 2018 is fascinating, and really illustrates the different lives of these girls.
  • Inside Design: Sprout Social
    This article from the InVision design blog has some great tips about growing a design culture within a company that I definitely want to try to implement.
  • FastCompany: Design needs more femininity, less toxic masculinity.
    This is a short read, but it packs a big punch, with some poignant ways that design needs to evolve.
  • Adobe Blog: Avoid the Subtle Art of Style Bait
    I had never heard of ‘style bait,’ before, but it’s something everyone who has an Instagram account has seen and been victim to before. As a designer of B2B marketing materials, this is something I’m going to be more cognizant about avoiding this.
  • Sans Forgetica
    This is so cool! A team of designers and scientists from RMIT designed and developed a font that is formulated to help you remember your study notes. Where was this when I was in college?! And, you can download it for free!
Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash