Inspiration | Good Articles (10.12.18)

I’ve found some particularly good articles on design and creativity this week that I figured I would round up and share.

  • The New York Times: This is 18
    This scrapbook style feature on girls around the world turning 18 in 2018 is fascinating, and really illustrates the different lives of these girls.
  • Inside Design: Sprout Social
    This article from the InVision design blog has some great tips about growing a design culture within a company that I definitely want to try to implement.
  • FastCompany: Design needs more femininity, less toxic masculinity.
    This is a short read, but it packs a big punch, with some poignant ways that design needs to evolve.
  • Adobe Blog: Avoid the Subtle Art of Style Bait
    I had never heard of ‘style bait,’ before, but it’s something everyone who has an Instagram account has seen and been victim to before. As a designer of B2B marketing materials, this is something I’m going to be more cognizant about avoiding this.
  • Sans Forgetica
    This is so cool! A team of designers and scientists from RMIT designed and developed a font that is formulated to help you remember your study notes. Where was this when I was in college?! And, you can download it for free!
Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash