Wedding Paper Goods | Rehearsal Dinner Invites

Time for the rehearsal dinner invites!


For these, I used the #10 Paper Source notecards in Ecowhite and printed them on my printer. Then I used their terrarium rubber stamp for an added accent, since our rehearsal dinner had a slight succulent theme. The envelopes are #10 in Paper Bag for a rustic-y look. I’m really happy with how these turned out—they fit the theme of the invitation suite but were still different enough to stand out a bit.

Wedding Paper Goods | Invitation

Now that I’ve been married for four months (!!!), I figured it was about time I post about all the paper goods I created/designed for the wedding.

invite-1 invite-2 invite-4 invite-7 invite-8 invite-detail-3 invite-detail-4

I hemmed and hawed for a while over whether or not to use my given name or my nickname for the invitations, and I finally decided to use my nickname (Gina) since that’s what the majority of the attendees know me as. For the design, I hand lettered the majority of the text, and typeset everything else in Futura for a nice contrasting combination.

Everything was screen printed at Sediment Press in Alexandria, VA on Paper Source papers. All the pieces were then hand-assembled by me, including the envelope liners. For the return address stamp, I had a custom stamp designed (via that I also hand lettered, and then each enveloped was stamped and heat embossed with clear embossing powder, to mimic the appearance of screen printing.

Photo by Angelika Johns Photography,

I’m so, so happy with how the invitations turned out. They were most definitely a labor of love—I redid the lettering, I mocked up the papers, all multiple times.

The rest of the wedding paper goods to come!

Handmade Bridesmaids Cards

I am getting married next year, and wanted to do something special to ask five of my good friends to be my bridesmaids. I decided to make hand lettered cards with a small gift that fits with the colors and accents of our upcoming wedding.





Cards: Paper Source in Mint
Envelopes: Paper Source in Coral
Glassine bags: Paper Source
Rings: SeoulLittle

I’m so happy with how these turned out, and my friends loved them. On the back of each card was a customized note, and the rings were sized for each person.

Coral and mint (and peach) are our wedding colors, and ampersands will be a reoccuring accent in the decor, so these worked well to start setting up the ‘theme’ of the wedding (although I’m not crazy about saying we have a ‘theme’—it’s more just things we like that represent us).

First DIY wedding project complete!